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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

D-Xirable Style Icon! Bohemian Princess Vanessa Hudgens!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

I hope you all have been doing well!

Since I've done a few posts about my favorite style decades, I think it's time to do a post on one of my favorite and current style icons: Vanessa Hudgens. I REALLY love her bohemian style! It's so cute, chic, and comfortable!

I love this shirt!
Beautiful and gorgeous Bohemian Princess: Vanessa Hudgens!

Below are pictures of some of my favorite bohemian styles worn by Vanessa Hudgens:

I really love her hairstyle with this outfit!

Again, look at her beautiful hair! Also, I love the top and the shorts!

Super cute top with a beautiful patterned skirt!

I just love her top with her pretty skirt. Super cute outfit!

Very bohemian chic look. Looks cute and casual!

Beautiful black top with a pretty floral skirt! Ultra chic and comfortable! Love it!

Love the blue top with the white skirt! So pretty!

I really love this dress on her. So cute and pretty!

Another cute top paired with some nice shorts!

Gorgeous top and skirt outfit! So beautiful! Love this one!

Love this top with this skirt! How pretty! Love this!

Super cute outfit! Love the shades and flower headband!

Super cute pic and style!

Love this top and this skirt! One of my favorite outfits!

Love this dress!

I just love this outfit! Another cute pic!

Super cute and pretty dress!

Super cute dress! Love it! Love the heels too!

Beautiful top and floral skirt! Love how her lipstick matches the skirt!

Beautiful dress! Love it!

Another pic of her in this outfit! Love it! So perfect!

Another pic of her in this outfit! So gorgeous!

Love this outfit! Cute smirk!

Love her hat and her top! Too cute!

Love this colorful patterned dress! So bright and pretty!

Love this pretty blue top with this skirt! Too cute!

I hope you enjoyed my post about the beautiful and gorgeous Bohemian Princess: Vanessa Hudgens!
Her bohemian style is so cute, comfortable, and chic! She reigns supreme when it comes to bohemian fashion!

With love,
LaTasha B.

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