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Saturday, August 1, 2015

D-Xirably Inspired! Letters to Myself

Letter to my 25 year old self:
Written 7-2-07

Dear Future LaTasha,

As of now, you're 17 years old and you're a little confused of what you want to do with your life.
You want to be a...
*lawyer     *doctor/pediatrician     *poet    *songwriter    *fashion designer    *model
*own businesses and a magazine
All you really know is that you want to be successful with whatever you chose to be.

You also want to travel all over the world.
Places like...
*Honduras   *Hawaii   *Australia   * Spain-Barcelona   *France-Paris   *London
*Mexico   *Puerto Rico   *Africa   *Bahamas   *Bermuda   *Panama Canal   *Japan-Tokyo

In the U.S...
*Texas-all over   *New York-all over   *Nevada-Las Vegas   *California-all over
*South Dakota -again   *Virginia   *Louisiana   *Florida

So, hopefully you have traveled to most of these places by now and hopefully you're successful.

Your favorite quotes are: Too many but you're favorite two are
*With God by you're side, anything's possible.
*Love me or hate me, either way you're thinking about me.

You are...
*A lover   *A Loyal Friend   *Loner   *Nice/Sweet   *Creative   *Intelligent   *Hardworking
*A Dreamer   

Ok, I'm tired,,,
I'm going to sleep! Wish you the best of luck!!!
Love, LaTasha

Pictures of the written letter:

Letter to my 17 year old self: (My response)
Written 8-1-15

Dear Younger LaTasha,

As of now, you're 25 years old and you're not as confused about life and what you want to do.

You want to spread love (and joy) to the world. You want to see all that life has to offer you. You want to travel all around the world, and love those who love and support you!

As for your career and life, you will accept what(ever) God has planned for you. However, you would still like to be a...
*poet   *artist   *teacher   *dreamer   *sweetheart   *fashion designer   *role model   *business owner
You will get there one day! :)

As of now, you have the opportunity to teach art to little kids and you're really excited and hopeful about it!

As of traveling:
You haven't been outside of the U.S. yet - but you will!
You still want to go to all of those places!

Thanks to God, your best friend (big sis Ja), and God-family, you have been to Orlando, Florida; St. Louis, MO; (Columbia, MO); Arkansas; Las Vegas (Paradise), Nevada; and Nebraska.
Soon, you will be going to Texas! Yes! :)

Louisiana, New York, Virginia, California, and etc - You will get to some day! :)

You are so thankful to your God-family and God for all of the blessings and opportunities to travel!

You have been to South Dakota as well!

You love your mom and little sis, Nico, very much! With all of your heart!
You're extremely thankful to still have both of them in your life! As well as all of your friends and loved ones who have loved and supported you along the way!
Too many to name and you love them all!

But life hasn't always been so "pretty". You've been depressed and experienced discouragement, fell in love, and you got your heart broken. But you're stronger now because of it. You're less afraid/fearful of the lessons that you have to learn in/from life. And now you can focus on yourself and learning more about self-love! You are more prepared of what life and God has in store for you!

You have a lot of friends/family, and you will continue to see who remains true.
-Reja   -Shaunte   -Rachael   -Tabitha   -Patsy   -Kali   -Brittanye   -Kay   -Susan   -Cheryl
-Molly Ann   -Tamara   -Godma Angie
just to name a few!

Also, your mom, little sister, God and Jesus Christ! 
Oh, and yourself!

You are: *A Diamond!*
*strong   *beautiful   *brave   *determined   *kind   *intelligent   *inspiring   *dreamer
*hardworking   *creative   *artist   *a loyal friend

& you will be just fine!
With God by your side, anything is possible!

And today you put on your "self love" ring & bracelet! :)

Love your older self,
LaTasha Bunting

Pictures of written letter:

Pictures of self-love ring (sapphire and platinum) and bracelet (silver: Love is patient, Love is kind, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails):

Hope it inspires!

D-Xirably Inspired,
LaTasha B.