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Sunday, July 23, 2017

D-Xirably Good Times! Painting Classes with Michael Schliefke!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

Last Sunday, I had my first painting class with Michael Schliefke. My twiny paid for the classes for my birthday. Isn't she the best!? It was SO much fun! He asked me what I wanted to paint. A landscape, of course! And a ocean one as a matter of fact! I LOVE the ocean! We looked through some photos and I chose a pink-ish purple sunset photo of an ocean and a lighthouse. It's a beautiful picture! I was SO nervous that I talked during the entire painting session! LOL! It was cool because I was able to get to know more about Michael. He has been painting for a long time (20 years, I think) and he has taught painting for 14 years. He even showed me a comic book that he made! Isn't that so cool!
The inspiration:

What my painting look like after my first class:

Today, I continued to work on my painting. Adding more details to it. I didn't talk as much this time. To be honest, I was a little exhausted from my busy weekend. Hopefully, at my next class I will be back to talking his ears off. LOL! I was still nervous though. Painting takes a lot of practice and patience. I want to touch up my painting some more next time... It's not the best but hey, it's a start!

What my painting look like after my second class:

Anyways, I've enjoyed both painting classes with him. Looking forward to more classes with him!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!

Love always,
LaTasha B.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

D-Xirably Good Times! Apryl's Baby Shower!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

My Godmother, Ms. Angie, my big sister, Ja, and I went to our cousin Apryl's baby shower! She's having a girl! Her name is Harper! It was a beautiful baby shower at the Southeast Community Center! I LOVED all of the pink! The first game was my favorite! We had to write some encouraging and positive words to Harper for her scrapbook as answers to some questions. At the moment, I can't think of the questions, however, they were some good questions. We also played a guess the song game, and Ja was one of the winners. She's good! LOL! Lastly, we played a guess the size of Apryl's belly game. I was close, too, but not the winner. The food was delicious. I enjoyed my taco and the fruit. And the cake was delicious too! Plus, it was pink! Apryl looked so gorgeous at her baby shower! She looked like a princess/goddess. Motherhood looks so good on her! I LOVED her pink dress and flower headpiece. Also, I got to see my big sis, Tamika (Mika)! Which she is now technically my cousin, since she married to Reja's cousin. Crazy, right? Small world! Tamika looked extremely beautiful as always! I was SO happy to see her! It has been a while. I'm glad she's doing well and enjoying her family. It was so good catching up with her! I just wish I had more incredible and amazing things to tell her! She gave me the best hug!

Here are some pics of the baby shower:

My beautiful twiny, Ja, and I!

Me and my beautiful big sis, Tamika (Mika)!

My Godma, Angie, and my aunt Cindy!

My aunt Cindy and my twiny, Ja!

Me and my big sis, Mika!

The beautiful mom to be, Apryl! Doesn't she look like a beautiful goddess?!

My beautiful cousin, Apryl, opening her baby shower gifts!

The stunning and beautiful mom to be, Apryl!

Beautiful so beautiful! Apryl and Tamika! 

So beautiful and gorgeous!

The beautiful big sis, Mika, and I!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!

With love,
LaTasha B.

Friday, July 21, 2017

D-Xirable Movie Time! Girls Trip!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

After work today, my Godmother, Ms. Angie, and my twiny/big sis, Ja, picked me up and we went to see the movie, Girls Trip, at the Cinemark Palace in the Plaza! We met up with Aunt Pam for the movie. This movie was so good! It was so funny and hilarious! We were laughing the entire time! Such an awesome cast! Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Larenz Tate, Mike Colter, Kate Walsh, and Kofi Siriboe! And the setting was awesome too! It was set in New Orleans during the Essence Festival, and it looked like so much fun! It was a great movie about friendship and being real and true to who you are. We ALL enjoyed the movie! By the way, Larenz Tate is so handsome and gorgeous! And he doesn't age!

“I am beautiful. I am strong,” says Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall)

Girls Trip teaser poster

Movie Synopsis: Ryan (Regina Hall) has it all, or at least that’s what the title of her bestselling book claims, but her finely crafted life with her husband, Stewart (Luke Cage’s Mike Colter), is missing something: the Flossy Posse, the lifelong friends she’s gradually drifted away from. When a work opportunity takes her to New Orleans for the weekend, she decides to reconnect, inviting them all with her to make the most of the VIP treatment. There’s Sasha (Queen Latifah), a celebrity gossip blogger hiding her failing site behind steely bravado; Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith), whose life as a single mother has left her love life lacking; and the bolshy, recently fired Dina (Tiffany Haddish), who remains unaware of the problems she causes around her.

The girls getting ready for their trip!

The girls on the airplane!

The girls in New Orleans!

The girls at the Essence Festival!

This movie was amazing! It was outrageously hilarious and funny! This movie is definitely one to see! We all loved it! We laughed the entire time! I just LOVE their friendship! It was beautiful! Plus, this movie was black girl magic! Awesome movie, amazing cast, a wonderful time! My favorite character was Dina! She was off the chain!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!

Love always,
LaTasha B.