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Monday, February 27, 2012

D-Xirably Happy and D-Xirable First! FIRST blog award EVER! Versatile Blogger Award!

The Versatile Blogger Award! FIRST blog award EVER! :)

I'm excited to let everyone know that my blog and I won our VERY FIRST blog award! The Versatile Blogger award! I'm so happy about it! This news made my day 1000x better! I never imagined that I would receive this award which makes me even more happier!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to the incredible and lovely Ali of http://myminibag.blogspot.com that gave it to me! You are so wonderful!
I really, REALLY appreciate the award! I WON'T forget it since it's the VERY FIRST one! :)

Link to the award post!
If you can, leave her a comment just to thank her as well for me! :)

Her blog helps you save money! At her blog, mini bag, you will find the latest deals, sales, promotion codes and new arrivals from popular International online and in store retailers! Check out her blog because she deserves it as a thank you!

So these are the rules:
1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5 . Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

 7 Random Facts:

1. I appreciate the small things!
2. I LOVE my blogger friends and followers!
3. I LOVE when my blog followers make suggestions of post ideas! So give me some suggestions! :)
(I'm currently working on the War and Peace Quotes post suggested by Marianne M. and I've done one about my diverse background suggested by Sam!)
4. I HATE picking favorites!
5. I like to give out at least 5 compliments a day!
6. I LOVE to read the blogs of all of my blog followers!
7. I LOVE to research/read things about different cultures and place!

 Here are the 15 blogs I would like to nominate:

1. Sam from Frills and Thrills - http://frillsandthrills.blogspot.com/

2. Aurelia from A Pretty Life - http://aprettylife13.blogspot.com/

3. Akanksha from Ficticious Fashion - http://fictitious-fashion.blogspot.com/

4. ML from Marinnelle - http://marinnelle.blogspot.com/

5. Maitane from Escondidas en tu amario - http://escondidasentuarmario.blogspot.com/

6. Bodil Huisman from PPP - http://purepreciousperfection.blogspot.com/

7. Francesca R. Capizzi from DCMFB - http://dontcallmefashionblogger.blogspot.com/

8. Fabiana from A Dream Called Fashion - http://www.adreamcalledfashion.com/

9. Marianne M. from Lure of the dark side - http://lureofthedarkside.blogspot.com/

10. Letícia Mota from Moda E Excelencia - http://modaeexcelencia.blogspot.com/

11. Juanita Kenton from J Believe - http://j-believe.blogspot.com/

12. Angel from Wonder Woman Rises - http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com/

14. Bessie from Bravoe Runway - http://www.bravoerunway.com/

15. María from La Petite Blonde - http://www.lapetiteblonde.com/

It was EXTREMELY hard choosing ONLY 15 bloggers since I DON'T like to pick favorites. I really do love ALL the blogs that I follow, but unfortunately I had to make a choice. 

Special shout outs to Bonnie from Glam Kitten, Fabrizia Spinelli from Cosa Mi Metto, Eye Spy, and TheBizzareBirdcage though! I love y'all too!

Honestly, I would list all of the blogs that I follow but I nominated the 15 blogs above because I find them to be versatile, helpful and fun to read. Congrats to all of you lovely ladies!

Thanks again to the incredible and lovely Ali of http://myminibag.blogspot.com for giving me and my blog our VERY FIRST award! I appreciate it A LOT! :)

Love always and forever grateful,
LaTasha B.

Monday, February 20, 2012

D-Xirably Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras and Multicultural!

Today is a great day for TWO AWESOME reasons! First, it is my AMAZING mother's birthday! Happy birthday to my lovely mom! :) Love you! :)

And second, it's FAT TUESDAY! Yes, today is MARDI GRAS! Happy Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras everyone!

In honor of Mardi Gras, my post will be about my heritage/multicultural background! Also, thank you Sam (http://frillsandthrills.blogspot.com) for suggesting that I do a post about it! :)

First, it's Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras is HUGE in Louisiana (New Orleans/Nawlins/NOLA)! My grandmother and great grandmother were both from Louisiana! So, my plan is to go "home" to Louisiana during Mardi Gras one year! I would LOVE that!

So, what's Mardi Gras and why is it such a big deal? Well, Mardi Gras is one of really cool and super fun celebration! I hear that celebrating it in New Orleans/Nawlins/NOLA, Louisiana is the best though, which is why I WILL be going to celebrate it there eventually!

Picture of a Mardi Gras cup and Mardi Gras beads

What Mardi Gras is and why it's celebrated!

For its unmatched exuberance, lively spirits, and city-wide participation, the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans can be regarded as the most extravagant of all American festivals. Mardi Gras is possessed by New Orleans through a bond of uniqueness, love, and tradition.

Although Mardi Gras is basically a Catholic holiday, today it is party for everyone here in United States. This is especially true in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana which can be credited for introducing this tradition in the country. Mardi Gras first came to New Orleans through French Culture in the year 1699 when the French explorers celebrated the holiday on the Mississippi River.

In French, "Mardi Gras" literally means "Fat Tuesday," so named because it falls on the day before Ash Wednesday, the last day prior to Lent...a 40-day season of prayer and fasting observed by the Roman Catholic Church (and many other Christian denominations) which ends on Easter Sunday. The origin of "Fat Tuesday" is believed to have come from the ancient Pagan custom of parading a fat ox through the town streets. Such Pagan holidays were filled with excessive eating, drinking and general bawdiness prior to a period of fasting.

Mardi Gras is always 47 days prior to this alloted Sunday (the 40 days of Lent plus seven Sundays). The beginning of the Carnival Season itself, however, is also fixed...being January 6, which is the Feast of the Ephiphany. The length of the Carnival Season varies accordingly from year-to-year. The origin of the word "Carvinal" is from the Latin for "farewell to the flesh," a time when one is expected to forego earthly pleasures prior to the restrictions of the Lenten Season, and is thought to be derived from the feasts of the Middle Ages known as carnis levamen or "solace of the flesh."

 Mardi Gras Colors!

The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are purple (symbolic of justice), green (symbolic of faith) and gold (symbolic of power). The accepted story behind the original selection of these colors originates from 1872 when the Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia visited New Orleans. During his stay, he was given the honor of selecting the official Mardi Gras colors by the Krewe of Rex...thus, did these colors also become the colors of the House of Romanoff. The 1892 Rex Parade theme ("Symbolism of Colors") first gave meaning to the representation of the official Mardi Gras colors. 

Picture of a flag with Mardi Gras colors

Picture of Mardi Gras beads

Mardi Gras Celebrations!

Today, Louisiana's Mardi Gras is celebrated not only in New Orleans, but also in numerous smaller cities and towns around the State and in the neighboring Gulf Coast Region. Louisiana is the only state in which Mardi Gras is a legal holiday. However, elaborate carnival festivities draw crowds in other parts of the United States during the Mardi Gras season as well. Each region has its own events and traditions.

Today, Mardi Gras is celebrated with much fanfare in many parts of the US and also all over the world in places like Belgium, Brazil, the Caribbean nations, Colombia, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. In the US, the festival is fervidly observed in Louisiana, Alabama, California, and Florida. The French tradition apart, influences of the Germans, as well as the British are evident in the day's customs across the country.

Mardi Gras Parades!

However, the parade is the main attraction of the New Orleans Mardi Gras and precedes the balls. The entire Bourbon Street is dedicated to the parades and has a world wide fame. Each of the organizations picks a king and a queen for its parade. These parades comprise floats, dancers and bands. Most parades have at least 15 floats. The elaborate procession of floats, decorated to depict different themes, are pulled by tractors.

The Rex parade is the highlight of the day. Saluting his queen who sits in the reviewing stand in front of the Boston Club, Rex is toasted by the mayor. Manned by his glittering, masked knights the Rex parade then slowly winds its way through the narrow streets of the Vieusx Carré. The press of people is tremendous and they spill over the streets making the streets crowded. But it's not a problem because all businesses remain closed on the day. And the festive revelry floods the whole city.

Mardi Gras Goodies!

As the parade with its costumed figures on the floats crawls its way through the crowded streets, viewers along side shout with the traditional Mardi Gras cry: "Throw me something mistuh!" Strings of beads, doubloons, cups and trinkets are thrown into the air. Beads are of plastic and come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. They resemble jewels that royalty would wear. Doubloons are metal coins that are about the size of a silver dollar. They come in different colors and are stamped with the krewes' emblem and their theme for the year. Similar to doubloons, cups bear the krewes emblem and theme for the year. Trinkets might be anything from a candy, to stuffed toys, and knickknacks of every description. They are almost worthless, but a stranger would never know it judging by the enthusiasm with which they are received and fought for.

The floats, the dancers and the marching units with the innumerable bands apart, the city on Mardi Gras is thronged with ordinary citizens who for the day have become quite extraordinary. With costumes of all colors and varieties the children and the grown ups alike become circus clowns or fabulous beasts or live comic-strip characters. Some groups may also cavort according to their whim as harem beauties or Indians or famous Americans.

Mardi Gras Masks!

Picture of two beautiful Mardi Gras masks
Illustration of Theater (Tragedy/Comedy) Mardi Gras masks

Illustration of a lady with Mardi Gras colored masks

Picture of beautiful and colorful Mardi Gras masks

Mardi Gras Coins, Wreaths, and Beads!

Picture of Mardi Gras beads

Picture of a Mardi Gras wreath

Mardi Gras Costumes!

Picture of some Mardi Gras costumes
Picture of a Mardi Gras costume

Pictures of some Mardi Gras costumes/dancers

Delectable Mardi Gras Themed Cakes!

Picture of a beautiful Mardi Gras themed cake!
Picture of a beautiful Mardi Gras themed cake!

Picture of a beautiful Mardi Gras themed cake
Picture of a beautiful Mardi Gras themed cake!

Picture of a beautiful Mardi Gras themed cake

Picture of some beautiful Mardi Gras themed cupcakes!
Picture of some beautiful Mardi Gras themed cupcakes!

Second, I am Creole/Lousiana Creole (which is the mixture of African American, Native American, French, Spanish, and/or West African Ancestry)! So, you can see why I LOVE Louisiana and it's celebrations so much!

 Ashley Forrestier personally feels, "Creole is a culture and a way of life; It is a rich culture with numerous contributions to food, entertainment and Louisiana history."

Third, I am African American/Black and I'm Native American. In particular, I am Cherokee Indian on my mother's side. My father is Native American as well but he never told me which tribe. So, I just claim Cherokee since I know that it's true! :)

Some of my favorite Native American Images!

Picture of a Native American Prayer 

Picture with A Strong Woman poem

Picture with one of my favorite Native American tale's, "The Story of Two Wolves"!

The above image includes a short excerpt of my favorite Native American tale, "The Story of Two Wolves". It's an incredible story that teaches about the good and the bad side within all of us. I use the moral/lesson in my life as well. My dad told me this tale during one of our conversations and it has been one of my favorite moral tales ever since!

This picture of the beautiful Josephine Baker is also my desktop image! :)

 Remember when I said that Josephine Baker is my favorite 1920's icon? Well, she was Creole! She was called the "Creole Goddess"! She was a very well known singer and dancer of her time. She was born in St. Louis, MO in 1906. She eventually moved to France in 1937 and became a citizen. She felt that racism wasn't as big of an issue there. (Sidenote: Many Creoles would go to France to be educated to get away from USA racial inequality).

Sorry that my post is so long. I didn't expect that to happen but I hope that you enjoyed reading it! Happy Mardi Gras Everyone! I hope that you enjoy it! :)

Love always,
LaTasha B.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Delta Xi Phi D-Xirable/D-Xired Diamonds! D-Xire to be Different!

D-Xire to be Different!

So, I think it's time to explain why I called my blog "D-Xired Diamond: One Precious Stone!"
I didn't call it this to be conceded. I called my blog this in honor of my sorority.
I LOVE my sorority - Delta Xi Phi (DXP) Multicultural Sorority and what it stands for! :)
We call each other D-Xirable (Diamonds) but I decided to use D-Xired instead because D-Xirable was taken on Twitter.
My Twitter account is @DXiredDiamond by the way! :)
So, it's time to highlight my sorority!

Delta Xi Phi (DXP) Multicultural Sorority:
It was founded April 20th, 1994 on the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign campus, by fifteen young women. These women recognized a need for an organization that appreciated the different cultures present on their college campuses. Multicultural awareness, as well as community service, the empowerment of women in higher education, friendship and sisterhood were also important aspects of DELTA XI PHI.

"What's possible has been done, what's impossible must be done." - Walt Disney

"The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Delta Xi Phi's 5 Pillars:
Delta Xi Phi sisters direct their energies to supporting the following Five Pillars:

Advancement of Women Through Higher Education:
All of our active sisters attend weekly study hours to concentrate on why they are at college - to earn a degree! We award sisters with high G.P.A's as well as sisters who improve their gpa's.

Increasing Multicultural Awareness:
We celebrate the diverse cultures that surround us through workshops, potluck dinners, international films, talent shows and other events. We also attend as many other cultural events as possible on campus & in the community to increase our knowledge and appreciation for diversity. 

Community Service:
All active and associate members participate in individual and group community service. It is through service that we strengthen our bonds with each other and help improve the areas that we live in.

Our unique bond of sisterhood starts in the associate member period and continues for life. Sisters at our chapters grow closer through celebrations, going to events and just plain hanging out together.

Just as we extend friendship to each other, we extend it to our campus & communities. We show support by co-hosting and participating in events with Greek lettered organizations and other student & community groups.

Delta Xi Phi's Symbols:
 The following Symbols embody Delta Xi Phi's strength and tenacity:

Yellow Rose of Texas

White Diamond

White Bengal Tiger

Picture of White Bengal Tiger cubs

Picture of White Bengal Tiger cubs

Navy Blue and Maroon

Greek Letters:
Delta Xi Phi

Delta Xi Phi's National Philanthropy:

American Cancer Society: 
There are so many types of cancer out there that affect the people that we love, and we felt that through our diverse skills and abilities we could help raise money to find the cure! Each of our chapters raises awareness and money through programs at their local ACS office, like Daffodil Days and Relay for Life.

Why I LOVE and joined my sorority:
I LOVE and joined my sorority for so many reasons but the main reason that I joined it was because it promotes MULTICULTURAL AWARENESS! I am multicultural (Native American, Louisiana Creole, and African American/Black), so I believe that DXP was a perfect fit for me. What better than to join a sorority that promotes and brings awareness to diversity and different cultures? The other reason that I joined is because DXP ladies "D-Xire to be Different!" I don't want to blend in, I want to stand out and I don't have any problems with that. I embrace being different, just like I embrace being multicultural! :) We are Diamonds in the Rough polished to be the shiniest in the world.

"My D-XI Diamonds"
By: Me, LaTasha B.

My D-XI Diamonds we make up a beautiful mosaic, a culturally beautiful melting pot.
With all of our different lives, different stresses, and different personalities we blend to create RU's DXP Omicron Chapter!

I figure I would put a smile on all my beautiful loves faces by telling you why I love you all so much, why I love you all tremenduously.

Alexis - You are so beautiful and so sweet! You make me smile all the time! I feel like your compliments are endless! You are just so lovely! Love you tons!

Lauren - You are my DXP mama and I love you to death! Wow, you are so incredible! It's nice to have a mama like you! You make me smile as well and you are always there for me!

Erin - You are my DXP gmama and I love you to death! You constantly make me smile EVERYTIME I see you and you have the most amazingly tight hugs ever!

Carma - You are such a sweetie pie and so funny love! You are a joy to be around! You make me laugh a lot beautiful!

Rachel - You are so nice and gorgeous! You make me laugh as well for so many different reasons!

Monica - OMG, my love, you just make me laugh! You are so funny that I love it! You scaring the whole room was pricesless! I won't forget it!

Sarah N. - You are so quiet my love but you are so sweet as well. There is a calmness about your nature, a maturity. I LOVE hanging out with you and enjoying movies with you!

Sarah D. - You are so sweet and so kind! You are so much fun to be around as well! I LOVE that you LOVE to dance and have a good time!

Grace C. - You are so kind and sweet! There's this kind heart underneath your tough shell! You are my tiny love because I enjoy the fact that we are both so little! Also, you make the BEST bios EVER!

You girls are my family, you are my light!
I love you girls dearly, my sisters, my family, and as family we will stick together NO MATTER WHAT!

Other notable D-Xired Diamonds because they are so very D-Xirable and awesome!:
Jen W., Nakeshia A., Monica V., Sharon K., Brittany W., Miranda G., Tara P., Cassy C., Erien W., Delia C., Izzie K., Nakita D., Tricia H., Kassandra S., Alexandra B., Brandie M., Jeris J., Nancy S., Danielle S., Kristen D., Jessica S., Susana (Maria) G., Courtney G., Kaylee M., Theresa T., Erica V., Luisiana C., Safiyya S., Adriana G., Amanda A., Nicki A., Hilda W., Victoria D., Isabel C., etc!

D-Xi Diamonds:
We are diamonds loves, D-Xirable (D-Xired) Diamonds!
This means that we are durable and dependable,
we are the STRONGEST mineral in the world,
we SHINE terribly bright,
and we last FOREVER!
So as Diamonds so D-Xirable, we must stay STRONG, we must SHINE bright, and we must last FOREVER!

D-Xirable Pics/Cartoon:

Hope that you enjoyed my post about my very D-Xirable sorority and sorority sisters! :)

Love always,
LaTasha B.