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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A VERY D-Xirable Thanksgiving Break!

So, now it's time to talk about my AMAZING Thanksgiving break with some of the most AMAZING people EVER!

I hung out with my lovely Godfamily! We went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 again. Don't judge me! LOL! I got to see it for free this time, courtesy of my big sis Ja! :) We went to see it again because Ja's aunt Kim and her cousin hadn't seen it. Ja and I didn't mind seeing it again.

Big sis Ja and I clowned around at her house for a while. We had our own little dance party! :) LOL! If you know Ja and I, then you know that we LOVE to dance!

After our dance party, my soror Sarah N., my big sis Ja, and I went to Houlihans. We ate dinner (I had nachos), chatted, and had a great time together! It was really nice! I didn't get home until the AM that night! :)

My big sis, Ja, and my soror, Sarah N., at Houlihans!

Me and my big sis, Ja, at Houlihans!

It was Thanksgiving Day! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone even though this is a late but new entry! :)

I hung out with my AMAZING mom for the first part of it and then I went to my cousins and longtime bestfriends' house for their Thanksgiving dinner with my adorable little sis Nico! It was so AMAZING and wonderful to see my cute little sis Nico! And she was wearing high heels, I was so proud of her! She hardly ever wear high heels.

The Thanksgiving dinner was so awesome and the food was delicious! They had A LOT of food! Yum! :) We ate, talked, watched the Dallas vs. Miami Thanksgiving football game (congrats Cowboys on the win!), and played a game, Mad Gab. My team won of course! Honestly though, it took a lot of teamwork because we were losing at first and won at the last second. That last second was SUPER intense! I also played with my adorable little cousins Roberto and Peyton. I entertained them for a while. It was a nice family reunion and I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving Day! :)

My adorable little sister, Nico, and I!

My adorable little cousins, Roberto and Peyton!

Cousins and longtime best friends since Elementary School!
Me, cousin Rachael (Rach), cousin Tabitha (Tab), and my little sis, Nico!
And yes, I am the shortest of the group despite being the second oldest after Rach! Lol! 

Had dinner with my mom, her boss Suk, and her co-workers. It was nice. Then we went to Wal-Mart on Black Friday... I'm not a fan of Black Friday at all... The long lines, the exhausted workers, and the sales are hits and misses...

Went with my soror Sarah N. to see Happy Feet 2 in IMAX and in 3-D. Despite the poor reviews and the poor sales of the movie, I enjoyed it. It's still a super cute and adorable movie. It had some sad parts in it that I wasn't expecting but it was still good. My fave song in the movie "Bridge of Light" by Pink. I also like when they danced to "Walk It Out" and "Under Pressure" as well.

In the AM I went out with my beautiful big sis Te before she leaves for Columbia. We went out and talked about everything going on in our lives. I ALWAYS enjoy hanging out with her! I didn't get home until 3AM.

Well, that was my AMAZING Thanksgiving break so far!

LaTasha B. aka 'The girl that always wear high heels"

D-Xirably Counting Down the Days Before Break!

So, let me tell you about the days before my break.

It was mia sorella's (my sister's) Jenny birthday! Hope she had a great one!  I love you! :)

It was also the last night of the musical. I went to see it. The cast did great! Apparently they noticed me being absent... Wasn't expecting that. I got a gift from Susan! It was a star cookie cutter set and a blue star that said, "You are a shining star!" Aww...  My beautiful, sweet, and amazing wifey Shelbi J. got an Irene Ryan nom. and Danny G. got the other. Congrats to them both! :)

My super sweet gift from the lovely Susan! :)

After the musical, I went with my soror Sarah N. and her dad to see Puss in Boots with the sexy Antonio Banderas and beautiful Salma Hayek doing the voice overs. It was such a cute and funny movie! I enjoyed it. Then we went to BK. Sarah N.'s dad treated us which was really nice and totally unexpected. I appreciated that. :)

Isn't little Puss in Boots adorable?

Then, I went to my last DXP chapter EVER! It was kind of sad but not too sad. My soror mom, Lauren's reading for that chapter was EPIC! But I won't have another "official" chapter with my sorors...

My DXP mom Lauren and I walked to American Lit. class together. It was so nice! She waited for me so that we could walk together. I appreciate how close we have gotten this semester. It's been incredible! I couldn't have asked for a better soror mom! She got into law school too! Congrats mom! :) We had a quiz in American Lit. but that's nothing new. Surprisingly I got an "A" on my last quiz. That's great to know. I got an "A-" on my discussant assignment. That's cool.

The highlight of that day was eating lunch with my DXP mom Lauren and Susan at Susan's house. We had some red tea, mexican soup, and promegranate. All of it was really good! It was really nice! We toured Susan's comfortable home and we sat by the fire and talked for a while. It was so peaceful and relaxing...

DXP mom, Lauren, and Susan's cat, Beans, in front of the fireplace!

The worst part is that Lauren and I both had to go back to school and suffer through one more class that day before break. But I got an "A" on my paper from that last class! :)

Went home and then went over to the Godfamily's house. Big sis Ja and I caught up on our shows and talked about what's been going on in our lives lately. A perfect way to start my break! :)

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

D-Xiring A Break! Part 2

So, my week continued.

It was the opening night for "Gone Missing". The cast and crew did a wonderful job. It went really well. Before the show, I had dinner with Susan, Aaron, Sarah B., Chris, Tom, and the respondent, Don. It was SO much fun! I had a great time! We went to eat at Avenue's Bistro. I had Tilapia Brava, it was delicious!!!

Pics of "Gone Missing":

Gone Missing song and dance number!

Sarah N. (Korean Deli woman) and Marcus B. (Korean Deli man)

Sam R. singing The Only Thing Missing

La Bodega song and dance number!

Shelbi J. as the dancer!

I Gave It Away song and dance number! (Sam R., Anna H., and Sarah Y.)

Anna H. singing Ich Traumt Du Kamst An Mich with Sarah N. as the ballet dancer.

Anna H. singing Ich Traumt Du Kamst An Mich with Danny G. doing ballet.

Lost Horizons song number!

Etch A Sketch song and dance number! (Sara L., Sarah N., Aretha, and Shelbi J.)

"Gone Missing" cast and crew pic without the director, Susan P.

Another "Gone Missing" cast and crew pic with the director, Susan P.!

I went to class. Then I helped with STD's book sale for an hour.

After that, I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 with the God family. I went with Ja, my Godmother Angie, and Pam. I enjoyed the movie. My God family and I are TEAM JACOB of course! :) Yes, I watch and enjoy the movies (for entertainment purposes and all of the eye candy).

It was my best friend since forever and beautiful big sis, Te, birthday! She came into town and of course, I HAD to hang out with her! We (Te, Mishayla, Te cousin's Juanita, and I) went to Houlihan's and enjoyed a nice dinner with the bday girl! I hope that she had an amazing time! I love you my beautiful big sis! :) My loyalty to her was the reason why I missed the "Gone Missing" performance that night. I am sure that it went well though.

My beautiful big sis and "The birthday girl", Te, and I at Houlihans!

"The birthday girl" Te, me, Mishayla G., and Te's cousin, Juanita, at Houlihans!

After having busy weeks this entire semester, I am really exhausted and I can't wait for Thanksgiving Break to start on Wednesday. Also, I hope that the break will help me fight my senioritis. I don't need a bad case of senioritis messing me up now. I'm too close to the end, I'm way too close to graduation!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

D-Xiring A Break! Part 1

So, it was another busy week at RockU. I don't mind busy weeks at all but this week I was really exhausted when it was all done. Plus, senioritis just hit me as well. It would when I am almost done with college too... Oh how I hate you senioritis!

Senioritis according to the Urban Dictionary:
 "A crippling disease that strikes seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. The only known cure is a phenomenon known as Graduation." (Bolded symptoms are my symptons)

It was my sorority mom, Lauren H. birthday! I hope she had a good one despite having to help with "Gone Missing". It was also my big sis Ja's brother's bday.

I helped with STD's (Sigma Tau Delta's) book sale for 2 hours after class.

6-10pm worked on "Gone Missing". This week is tech week. It's when we work like crazy to make sure that the show is perfect for the performance nights.

We got our quizzes back in class. I got A's on both of them, the Judaist/Jew quiz and the Christian Identity Movement quiz.

I hung out with Paloma until "Gone Missing" rehearsals that night.We worked on it from 6-10pm.

It was Susan's birthday! I hope she had a great one!

Watched Susan's class learn the "La Bodega" dance from "Gone Missing". It was fun to watch them. Some of them did a really good job with it.

I talked with D'Angela and Modesty which was really nice because I hadn't spoken to little mama D the entire semester and I hadn't spoken to Modesty in a while.

I saw my super cute and adorable little sis Nico as well! I must say that it was the highlight of my entire day! I love seeing my little sis! :) After all, she is like half of my world, the other half is my mom of course! :)

Went back to school for "Gone Missing" rehearsals from 6-10pm

That was the beginning of my week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wears high heels"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

D-Xirable Differences Part 3!

So, this is how my week ended.

Friday, Veterans Day (11/11/11),

  • I went to class. Got my quizzes back. A's on both of them.
  • Went to my sorors THV until musical rehearsals.
  • I went to musical rehearsals from 2:30-6pm. They went really well. Beyond Words was also going on during rehearsals but I couldn't go.
  • After musical rehearsals, I met up with my babe Meghan P. I ate with her and then we went to the Men's soccer game. RU won! :) We have an awesome Men's soccer team! They have had an amazing season!
My babe, Meghan P., and I!
  • After the soccer game, I went to my ME day! We had a newspaper fashion show. It was so much fun! My sorors cracked me up! Grace chose the winner and Monica and my DXP mom Lauren won the competition.
Sarah D. in the dress made by Carma R.!

Sarah N. in the dress made by me!

All the ladies in the dresses that the designers created!
My DXP mom, Lauren, is wearing the winning dress and design on the left!

I had a great day!


I had musical rehearsals from 10-1pm. The run through went well. I recommend that anyone who's reading this and can go, should go see the musical! :)

So, why called this week's post "D-Xirable Differences"? Because this week made me realize how much I appreciate and respect people, things, and ideas that are different. I may not agree with some of them but I do like the idea that everyone can be/is different. I enjoy seeing differences, I embrace it. The things that make us different, makes us unique! :)

Well that was my week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

Come see the musical this week!
This Thursday and Friday, November 17 and 18, at 8pm!
This Saturday and Sunday, November 19 and 20, at 2pm!
Free for RU students, $5 for other students, and $10 for adults!

D-Xirable Differences Part 2!

So, here's a continuation of my week.

I went to my class and then I went to Susan's class. I ended up helping with painting the set, I helped by painting a portion of the wall gray. It was fun. We listened to the music from the musical while we helped out for the show. I knew all of the songs, of course! :)

The part of the set that I painted!

At 1:20pm, I had lunch with my lovely soror Sarah D. We had a nice conversation about what was going on in our lives. Actually, she did most of the talking while I just listened but I'm not complaining. I don't mind listening to my friends talk about their interesting lives.

2:30-6pm I had musical rehearsals. They went well.

I had a reading in Race, Religion, and Ethnicity class that made me mad! It was about the Christian Identity movement... Basically they don't like any other race that isn't "white" and anyone that isn't "white" is a child of Satan. I totally disagree with this and I believe that everyone is a child of God and I don't hate any race for that matter.

We had a quiz in my Race, Religion, and Ethnicity class over the Christian Identity movement. Then we got our papers back. I got a 96% A on it.

After classes, I had musical rehearsals until 6pm.

The set of the musical - A gray stage and a gray wall!

The radio show part of the musical set!

Two of the "Etch a Sketch" girls in the musical - Shelbi J. and Sarah L.!

My beautiful wifey - Shelbi J.!

That's some more about my week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

D-Xirable Differences Part 1!

So, this week was like every other week for me. Do I even need to say that it was a busy one?

"Differences are D-Xirable!"

Before I discuss my week, I will give you the stereotype of RockU students that was said during the program, That's So Gay:

ALL RU students are considered to be rich, white, stuck up, Catholic, and are from the STL.

I went to class and we had a quiz... Then I went home. I didn't go to musical rehearsals, I was way too tired to go. I emailed Susan and told her that I couldn't make it.

In Race, Religion, and Ethnicity class we discussed the religion, Judaism, and the Jews. It was an extremely interesting class but I wanted to learn more about the laws that some of them follow in the Torah.

After classes, I had musical rehearsals from 3:30-6 pm. After musical rehearsals, I went to my sorors THV. They fed me. We had some pepperoni pizza, orange chicken, and brownies. I REALLY appreciate my sorors for feeding me! :) Got to love my sorors! Grace and I then watched Tosh.O while we waited for That's So Gay.

My soror, Monica W., trying to hide from the camera, my soror and PIC, Grace, and my DXP mom, Lauren!

The orange chicken and the pizza that we ate!

My DXP mom, Lauren's, amazing brownies that were SO delicious!

My DXP mom, Lauren, and my soror, Grace!

At 8:45pm Grace and I left for our sorority's program, That's So Gay. It was really good and very informative. I ended up sitting with Sarah D. The speaker was an UMKC counselor, Jim. He told us that he was gay. One of my favorite quotes that he mentioned was "Wasted human potential is a bad thing". Basically it means that no one should waste whatever gifts, talents, and knowledge that they have. He also told us not to feed into racial jokes. I wonder what he would think about the show, Tosh.O, that Grace and I watched earlier today? Hmm... He brought up a Native American derogatory, "Indian Giver". For those that don't know why it's such a bad thing, it's because it's a reference to Native Americans going back on their promises and taking what they gave back (ie. land), which wasn't true at all.

Also, I was left with the thought that you:
"Don't insult others if you don't want to be insulted as well" and "Don't believe in stereotypes".

My soror, Sarah D., and I at That's So Gay!

That's So Gay powerpoint - All love for the rainbow!

As mentioned earlier:
NOT ALL of the students at RU are rich, white, stuck up, Catholic, and are from the STL. 
That stereotype is NOT true

Why? Because it suggests that ALL of the students at RockU are that way and that's not true. 
Take me for example, I totally break that stereotype:
I'm totally not rich.
I'm mixed, not white.
I wouldn't consider myself stuck up but I could be wrong.
I'm not Catholic, I was raised Baptist.
And I'm not from the STL, I'm from KC.
But there are many other students at RU that don't fit into the stereotype as well. So, don't believe in stereotypes, they are not true.

That's the first part of my week.

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

D-Xirably Cultured!

So, it's been another active week but what's new?

On Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 - Halloween Day, I went out to Applebee's with my beautiful big sis Brittanye R. and her friends Ashley H., Keshia W., and April P. to watch the Chiefs game. I was SO nervous about going out to eat with them because the only person that I knew out of the group was my big sis Brittanye R. but all of the girls were really nice and cool. I've known Brittanye since high school, we both went to Raytown South High School. I really appreciate how long we've known each other! Anyways, I had a really good time with her and I made some new friends. By the way, the Chiefs totally won that game! They was playing against the San Diego Chargers.

Me, my big sis Brittanye R., and Ashley H. at Applebee's cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs!

On Wednesday, I had lunch with my beautiful friend Modesty in the fishbowl. It was nice. We had a nice convo and I got to know her a LOT better! She's awesome!

I left musical rehearsals early on Wednesday to go to the Dia de Los Muertos event in the library. It was really nice! I LOVE the alter that they had decorated, it was really pretty. It was fun decorating candy skulls. I decorated 2 of them. Also, I got to hang out with my girl D'Erica for a little while which was awesome because we hadn't hung out this semester.

The candy skull that I decorated and the candy skull that D'Erica decorated!

Paloma C. and the ladies dressed for Dia de Los Muertos!

The beautiful alter and the ladies!

The second candy skull that I decorated!

On Thursday, I got permission to miss class to help my DXP sisters out with our table for World Cultures Day. I brought in a Native American doll and a Native American story, actually a Cherokee Legend, "The Tale of Two Wolves". It's one of my favorite Native American stories ever! It teaches a good lesson - to always feed the good wolf! :) Oh, I'm part Native American by the way! I'm part Cherokee Indian and another Native American tribe on my dad's side. World Cultures Day was really nice, I enjoyed it. I always enjoy it. For those that don't know, World Cultures Day is an event celebrating different cultures. People come in to read posters about different countries, eat a variety of different foods, watch cultural dances, (this year it was Kansas City's Filipino Association's Sinag-Tala Dance Troupe) and look at cool cultural items. It's really nice!

Me and Rica R. at World Culture's Day!

Mexico table!

Philippines Table!

Shelbi J. and I at World Culture's Day!

Kansas City's Filipino Association's Sinag-Tala Dance Troupe!

Kansas City's Filipino Association's Sinag-Tale Dance Troupe tiniest dancer!

My Native American dolls (I brought the smallest one to World Culture's Day)

On Friday, I watched some of the RU Men's soccer game with my soror Sarah N. Then we try to watch the step show at UMKC but it was WAY too crowded! We couldn't see anything so we went to see The Rum Diaries with the handsome Johnny Depp instead. It was really good, I enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh.

Today, I had musical rehearsals and then I went to my sorority's movie event. We watched Despicable Me. Despicable Me is such a cute movie.

Well, that was my week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"