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Saturday, November 5, 2011

D-Xirably Cultured!

So, it's been another active week but what's new?

On Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 - Halloween Day, I went out to Applebee's with my beautiful big sis Brittanye R. and her friends Ashley H., Keshia W., and April P. to watch the Chiefs game. I was SO nervous about going out to eat with them because the only person that I knew out of the group was my big sis Brittanye R. but all of the girls were really nice and cool. I've known Brittanye since high school, we both went to Raytown South High School. I really appreciate how long we've known each other! Anyways, I had a really good time with her and I made some new friends. By the way, the Chiefs totally won that game! They was playing against the San Diego Chargers.

Me, my big sis Brittanye R., and Ashley H. at Applebee's cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs!

On Wednesday, I had lunch with my beautiful friend Modesty in the fishbowl. It was nice. We had a nice convo and I got to know her a LOT better! She's awesome!

I left musical rehearsals early on Wednesday to go to the Dia de Los Muertos event in the library. It was really nice! I LOVE the alter that they had decorated, it was really pretty. It was fun decorating candy skulls. I decorated 2 of them. Also, I got to hang out with my girl D'Erica for a little while which was awesome because we hadn't hung out this semester.

The candy skull that I decorated and the candy skull that D'Erica decorated!

Paloma C. and the ladies dressed for Dia de Los Muertos!

The beautiful alter and the ladies!

The second candy skull that I decorated!

On Thursday, I got permission to miss class to help my DXP sisters out with our table for World Cultures Day. I brought in a Native American doll and a Native American story, actually a Cherokee Legend, "The Tale of Two Wolves". It's one of my favorite Native American stories ever! It teaches a good lesson - to always feed the good wolf! :) Oh, I'm part Native American by the way! I'm part Cherokee Indian and another Native American tribe on my dad's side. World Cultures Day was really nice, I enjoyed it. I always enjoy it. For those that don't know, World Cultures Day is an event celebrating different cultures. People come in to read posters about different countries, eat a variety of different foods, watch cultural dances, (this year it was Kansas City's Filipino Association's Sinag-Tala Dance Troupe) and look at cool cultural items. It's really nice!

Me and Rica R. at World Culture's Day!

Mexico table!

Philippines Table!

Shelbi J. and I at World Culture's Day!

Kansas City's Filipino Association's Sinag-Tala Dance Troupe!

Kansas City's Filipino Association's Sinag-Tale Dance Troupe tiniest dancer!

My Native American dolls (I brought the smallest one to World Culture's Day)

On Friday, I watched some of the RU Men's soccer game with my soror Sarah N. Then we try to watch the step show at UMKC but it was WAY too crowded! We couldn't see anything so we went to see The Rum Diaries with the handsome Johnny Depp instead. It was really good, I enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh.

Today, I had musical rehearsals and then I went to my sorority's movie event. We watched Despicable Me. Despicable Me is such a cute movie.

Well, that was my week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"


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