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Saturday, November 12, 2011

D-Xirable Differences Part 1!

So, this week was like every other week for me. Do I even need to say that it was a busy one?

"Differences are D-Xirable!"

Before I discuss my week, I will give you the stereotype of RockU students that was said during the program, That's So Gay:

ALL RU students are considered to be rich, white, stuck up, Catholic, and are from the STL.

I went to class and we had a quiz... Then I went home. I didn't go to musical rehearsals, I was way too tired to go. I emailed Susan and told her that I couldn't make it.

In Race, Religion, and Ethnicity class we discussed the religion, Judaism, and the Jews. It was an extremely interesting class but I wanted to learn more about the laws that some of them follow in the Torah.

After classes, I had musical rehearsals from 3:30-6 pm. After musical rehearsals, I went to my sorors THV. They fed me. We had some pepperoni pizza, orange chicken, and brownies. I REALLY appreciate my sorors for feeding me! :) Got to love my sorors! Grace and I then watched Tosh.O while we waited for That's So Gay.

My soror, Monica W., trying to hide from the camera, my soror and PIC, Grace, and my DXP mom, Lauren!

The orange chicken and the pizza that we ate!

My DXP mom, Lauren's, amazing brownies that were SO delicious!

My DXP mom, Lauren, and my soror, Grace!

At 8:45pm Grace and I left for our sorority's program, That's So Gay. It was really good and very informative. I ended up sitting with Sarah D. The speaker was an UMKC counselor, Jim. He told us that he was gay. One of my favorite quotes that he mentioned was "Wasted human potential is a bad thing". Basically it means that no one should waste whatever gifts, talents, and knowledge that they have. He also told us not to feed into racial jokes. I wonder what he would think about the show, Tosh.O, that Grace and I watched earlier today? Hmm... He brought up a Native American derogatory, "Indian Giver". For those that don't know why it's such a bad thing, it's because it's a reference to Native Americans going back on their promises and taking what they gave back (ie. land), which wasn't true at all.

Also, I was left with the thought that you:
"Don't insult others if you don't want to be insulted as well" and "Don't believe in stereotypes".

My soror, Sarah D., and I at That's So Gay!

That's So Gay powerpoint - All love for the rainbow!

As mentioned earlier:
NOT ALL of the students at RU are rich, white, stuck up, Catholic, and are from the STL. 
That stereotype is NOT true

Why? Because it suggests that ALL of the students at RockU are that way and that's not true. 
Take me for example, I totally break that stereotype:
I'm totally not rich.
I'm mixed, not white.
I wouldn't consider myself stuck up but I could be wrong.
I'm not Catholic, I was raised Baptist.
And I'm not from the STL, I'm from KC.
But there are many other students at RU that don't fit into the stereotype as well. So, don't believe in stereotypes, they are not true.

That's the first part of my week.

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

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