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Sunday, November 20, 2011

D-Xiring A Break! Part 2

So, my week continued.

It was the opening night for "Gone Missing". The cast and crew did a wonderful job. It went really well. Before the show, I had dinner with Susan, Aaron, Sarah B., Chris, Tom, and the respondent, Don. It was SO much fun! I had a great time! We went to eat at Avenue's Bistro. I had Tilapia Brava, it was delicious!!!

Pics of "Gone Missing":

Gone Missing song and dance number!

Sarah N. (Korean Deli woman) and Marcus B. (Korean Deli man)

Sam R. singing The Only Thing Missing

La Bodega song and dance number!

Shelbi J. as the dancer!

I Gave It Away song and dance number! (Sam R., Anna H., and Sarah Y.)

Anna H. singing Ich Traumt Du Kamst An Mich with Sarah N. as the ballet dancer.

Anna H. singing Ich Traumt Du Kamst An Mich with Danny G. doing ballet.

Lost Horizons song number!

Etch A Sketch song and dance number! (Sara L., Sarah N., Aretha, and Shelbi J.)

"Gone Missing" cast and crew pic without the director, Susan P.

Another "Gone Missing" cast and crew pic with the director, Susan P.!

I went to class. Then I helped with STD's book sale for an hour.

After that, I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 with the God family. I went with Ja, my Godmother Angie, and Pam. I enjoyed the movie. My God family and I are TEAM JACOB of course! :) Yes, I watch and enjoy the movies (for entertainment purposes and all of the eye candy).

It was my best friend since forever and beautiful big sis, Te, birthday! She came into town and of course, I HAD to hang out with her! We (Te, Mishayla, Te cousin's Juanita, and I) went to Houlihan's and enjoyed a nice dinner with the bday girl! I hope that she had an amazing time! I love you my beautiful big sis! :) My loyalty to her was the reason why I missed the "Gone Missing" performance that night. I am sure that it went well though.

My beautiful big sis and "The birthday girl", Te, and I at Houlihans!

"The birthday girl" Te, me, Mishayla G., and Te's cousin, Juanita, at Houlihans!

After having busy weeks this entire semester, I am really exhausted and I can't wait for Thanksgiving Break to start on Wednesday. Also, I hope that the break will help me fight my senioritis. I don't need a bad case of senioritis messing me up now. I'm too close to the end, I'm way too close to graduation!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"


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  7. great pics ! i enjoyed reading this post :D
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  8. Thank you so much Nixie!!! I really appreciate your comment love!!! You are lovely!!! :) Breaking Dawn was really good in my opinion. It's just like the book except that added some things.


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