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Saturday, November 12, 2011

D-Xirable Differences Part 3!

So, this is how my week ended.

Friday, Veterans Day (11/11/11),

  • I went to class. Got my quizzes back. A's on both of them.
  • Went to my sorors THV until musical rehearsals.
  • I went to musical rehearsals from 2:30-6pm. They went really well. Beyond Words was also going on during rehearsals but I couldn't go.
  • After musical rehearsals, I met up with my babe Meghan P. I ate with her and then we went to the Men's soccer game. RU won! :) We have an awesome Men's soccer team! They have had an amazing season!
My babe, Meghan P., and I!
  • After the soccer game, I went to my ME day! We had a newspaper fashion show. It was so much fun! My sorors cracked me up! Grace chose the winner and Monica and my DXP mom Lauren won the competition.
Sarah D. in the dress made by Carma R.!

Sarah N. in the dress made by me!

All the ladies in the dresses that the designers created!
My DXP mom, Lauren, is wearing the winning dress and design on the left!

I had a great day!


I had musical rehearsals from 10-1pm. The run through went well. I recommend that anyone who's reading this and can go, should go see the musical! :)

So, why called this week's post "D-Xirable Differences"? Because this week made me realize how much I appreciate and respect people, things, and ideas that are different. I may not agree with some of them but I do like the idea that everyone can be/is different. I enjoy seeing differences, I embrace it. The things that make us different, makes us unique! :)

Well that was my week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

Come see the musical this week!
This Thursday and Friday, November 17 and 18, at 8pm!
This Saturday and Sunday, November 19 and 20, at 2pm!
Free for RU students, $5 for other students, and $10 for adults!

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