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Saturday, November 12, 2011

D-Xirable Differences Part 2!

So, here's a continuation of my week.

I went to my class and then I went to Susan's class. I ended up helping with painting the set, I helped by painting a portion of the wall gray. It was fun. We listened to the music from the musical while we helped out for the show. I knew all of the songs, of course! :)

The part of the set that I painted!

At 1:20pm, I had lunch with my lovely soror Sarah D. We had a nice conversation about what was going on in our lives. Actually, she did most of the talking while I just listened but I'm not complaining. I don't mind listening to my friends talk about their interesting lives.

2:30-6pm I had musical rehearsals. They went well.

I had a reading in Race, Religion, and Ethnicity class that made me mad! It was about the Christian Identity movement... Basically they don't like any other race that isn't "white" and anyone that isn't "white" is a child of Satan. I totally disagree with this and I believe that everyone is a child of God and I don't hate any race for that matter.

We had a quiz in my Race, Religion, and Ethnicity class over the Christian Identity movement. Then we got our papers back. I got a 96% A on it.

After classes, I had musical rehearsals until 6pm.

The set of the musical - A gray stage and a gray wall!

The radio show part of the musical set!

Two of the "Etch a Sketch" girls in the musical - Shelbi J. and Sarah L.!

My beautiful wifey - Shelbi J.!

That's some more about my week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

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