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Sunday, September 25, 2011

More About Your D-Xirable RockU Blogger

Who am I?
  • Name: LaTasha B.
  • Age: 21
  • Born and raised in Kansas City, MO but grew up in Raytown, MO
  • I'm nice so please ask questions and leave comments! :)
  • My amazing mother is Tonya J.
  • My wonderful Godmother is Ms. Angela (Angie) J.
  • My lovely little sister is Toni (Nico) B.
  • Two of my amazing sisters for life are Shaunte (Te) F. and Reja (Ja) J.
From top to bottom:
My big sister Te and I, my little sister Nico and I, and my big sister Ja and I!

My big sister Ja, my big sister Tamika F, and I for my 21st birthday at the casino!
  • Favorite Colors: Pink, Green, and Black
  • Favorite Artists: Aaliyah, Selena Quintanilla, Adele, Bruno Mars, Drake, Alicia Keys, etc.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Shopping, writing, acting, drawing, fashion design, etc.

Why did/do I go to RockU?

I went to RU because it was close to home and because I liked the feeling of the campus. Plus, I knew that the campus and the class sizes would be small and perfect, just like me! Just kidding! :) But I did like how small the campus was. It was easy to get to all of the buildings within a nice time frame. And since the classes are small, the professors learn and remember your name within the first few class meetings. Plus, the professors are easily accessible so you can come to them whenever you have questions or need help.

Why do I love RockU so much?

Well, I am a member of Alpha Psi Omega. It's the National Theater Honor Society. I just crossed last semester!

Alpha Psi Omega inductees from last semester: Sarah B,. Brian T., Erin S., Chris R., Sarah N., Alexis P., Marqwan S., and I!
(photo courtesy of Lauren H.)

I love the Theater program at RU! I've been in more plays than I ever imagined to be in! I definitely recommend the RU Theater program to those that are interested in Theater!

Some pictures of the last shows that I've been in:
(All photos courtesy of Lauren H.)

Theatreworks 2011: Zombie Play
Back row: Sarah N., Danny G., Gavin F., James C., and Marqwan S.
Front row: Allison B., Mitchell K., and I

Theatreworks 2011: Doin' Time: Through the Visiting Glass
Carma R., me, Brian T., Grace C., Alexis P., and Erin S.

Theatreworks 2011: Doin' Time: Through the Visiting Glass
Me, the Healer

MacBeth: Bryon G. (Doctor) and I (Gentlewoman)

MacBeth: Hannah A. (Lady MacDuff) and I (Young MacDuff)

(full cast photo)

Two of my bestfriends at RockU are Reja (Ja) J. and Paloma C. I've had so many wonderful memories with them over the years! Also, I spent the night so many times in their dorm room last year! I've always been a commuter at RU since I live close by.

Ja and Paloma in their dorm room last semester

Paloma and I in their dorm room last semester

Ja and I in their dorm room last semester

Paloma and I in their dorm room last semester

Lastly, there's my D-Xirable sorority sisters of DXP! I love them all and I really love my sorority mother, Lauren H. We are spending so much time together this year because we are both directing plays and we have a couple classes together. I love spending so much time with her!

My sorority family line: Me, Erin S. (G-Ma), and Lauren H. (Ma) before Greek Formal last semester

Well, that's a little more about me and my life at RockU in a nutshell! There's tons more to say but I'm getting sleepy.

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

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