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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

D-Xirable Art! Sunny Gu Paintings!

Hello my wonderful and amazing loves,

I came across this painter/artist not too long ago and I enjoy her work so much that I decided that it would be nice to highlight her work on my blog.

Sunny Gu is another one of my favorite painters. I love how vibrant, colorful, and fashionable they are! They are really beautiful and amazing!

A pic of Sunny Gu!

Another pic of Sunny Gu while she paints!

`Here are some of my favorite paintings by Sunny Gu:

Sunny Gu's - "Palm Tree Dreams"

Sunny Gu's - "Into the Wild"

"She loves to look for beauty in everything around her and then recreate it in her art. It certainly shows through in her work, which is full of colour, glamour, fashion and ornamentation."

Sunny Gu's - "Flamingo Dreams" 

Her Approach

"Each illustration begins with a series of rough sketches, which Sunny uses to develop the composition. Once she’s decided on the composition, she works on the details and then starts painting. Her favourite medium is watercolour – she loves their vibrant and unpredictable nature. Occasionally, she uses graphite or acrylic paints for some of the textures. Sunny will use a computer to create surface designs and textile patterns."

Her Style

"When she’s painting, Sunny says she’s bathed in happiness and she puts that across in bright colour and rich detail. The focus on beauty and feeling is clear in her work and she wants to bring joy to whoever looks at it."

Sunny Gu's - "California Sunshine"

Sunny Gu's - "California Sunshine"

Sunny Gu's - "Flamingo Dreams"

Sunny Gu's - "Into the Wild"
"Her overall aim is to preserve the beauty she sees around her."
~Sunny Gu website (via http://www.illustrationweb.us/artists/SunnyGu/view)

Sunny Gu's - "Palm Tree Dreams"

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!

Love always,
LaTasha B.

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