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Thursday, April 20, 2017

A D-Xirable Musical Stage Play! The Lot "Consequences"!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

My mom and I went to see "The Lot" today at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. I went on behalf of COMBAT. “The Lot” is a dramatic musical stage play written, produced and performed by area youth in an effort to encourage healthy life choices. The play features a special performance from Bre-Z , rap artist from the hit television show EMPIRE.

The content of this production can save your child’s life. The message is simple: Think about your decisions! Each choice has consequences!

This musical stage play covers a variety of different subjects - bullying, rape, drinking, using drugs, and a California law that says it's a felony for an HIV-positive person to have unprotected sex without informing their partner that they are infected..

After a night of drinking and using drugs, a young lady is raped at a party by 4 young males. The 4 young males are arrested but later acquitted of the charges due to the fact she is HIV positive. Instead, the young lady is charged of attempted murder due to the California law mentioned above. Despite the fact that she had contracted the disease from her mother at birth, never had sex before, and was raped, she ends up behind bars? Also, at the same party, a young boy who was being bullied fires a gun. No one is killed, however, it shows what can happen when someone is bullied. I was a little disappointed that they didn't show what happened to the young boy that was bullied and shot the gun.

The kids hanging out and having fun

The students sitting in class

The kids dancing and having fun at a party where drinking and drugs are involved

This young boy can sing and dance! I think his name is Elijah!

She can sing too!

The kids being arrested after raping a young girl

The 4 young males in their orange jumpsuits at their trial

The young girl that was raped

Bre-Z from EMPIRE!

Bre-Z from EMPIRE!

My mom and I enjoyed the performance. It was entertaining and the kids are very talented. The musical stage play was really interesting and the message was thought-provoking. If I've learned anything from life, it's that every decision we make has a consequence. 

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post! 
Sorry, the pics aren't the best. Apparently, I had the camera set for motion pictures. 

With love,
LaTasha B.

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