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Saturday, April 29, 2017

D-Xirably Good Times! Tamara, Isaac, and I Day Out at the Museum at Prairiefire!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

"Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief." ~ Swedish Proverb

After I received the news that one of my childhood family/friends, Tabitha, passed away, my amazing friend, Tamara, asked me if I needed anything and if I wanted to hang out. We have been great/best friends since my BKD days. Whenever I'm going through a tough time, she has been there for me whether it's just to talk or to have lunch. When I got sick, she was there for me.This time being no different since I lost my childhood friend/family. Tamara's such an amazing person and friend. Today, Tamara, her son Isaac, and I went to eat at Desta's, an Ethiopian Cuisine, *we wanted to try something new) and then we went to the Museum at Prairiefire. It was so much fun! I had a good time. The Museum at Prairiefire is a really good place to learn about dinosaurs.


My amazing friend, Tamara, and I!

Tamara's son, Isaac, and I!

Desta's menu! 

Our lovely server!

Me and Tamara!

My food!
I got Kaey Wot and Gomen Wot. It was okay.

Tamara and her food! She got Chicken tibs. It was good!

Me and my food!

The baklava was SO delicious! We ate it up!

Look at this dinosaur!


The size of an elephant heart!

It was hard to pump the elephant heart! It takes a lot of strength!

Pumping the human heart was much easier!

My awesome friend, Tamara, and her son, Isaac, digging for fossils!

My friend, Tamara, and Isaac!

Look at the expression on his face!

My amazing friend, Tamara, and I!

Dinosaur eggs!

Different types of eggs!

This egg is so big!

Dinosaurs had to eat a lot of plants to stay alive!

I LOVE Diamonds so I had to take a pic of how a diamond is made!
Besides, my blog is called D-Xired Diamond! ;)

The word "Diamond" is derived from the Greek language; adamas, meaning indestructible!

Some pretty minerals!

More pretty minerals!

Museum at Prairiefire!

The Museum at Prairiefire building is so beautiful!

Me digging for fossils! It was fun!

Me and Isaac digging for fossils!

I had such a great time with Tamara and Isaac today! I've been to the Museum at Prairiefire before with my Godfamily but we didn't get to see the exhibit part so it was nice to be able to go back and see what I missed. I'm so thankful that Tamara asked me if I wanted to hangout and I'm thankful for her friendship!

Of course, I couldn't post this without posting pics of my childhood family/friend, now angel, Tabitha! We miss you!

All childhood best friends/family! Me, Rachael, Tabitha, and Nico!

Our sweet angel, Tabitha, and I!
Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!

With love,
LaTasha B.

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