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Saturday, May 27, 2017

D-Xirable Movies/Shows/Plays! Why I Love Seeing Them!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

If you were ever wondering why I'm always posting about movies it's because I LOVE going to see them! Ever since I was little, I've been in love with writing and the arts. I took theater in high school and fell in love with it. But even when I was little, my mom said I would write and direct short plays with my little sister and we would act them out for her to see. I love everything about the stage and performance, and movies/plays/productions/performances are all just art brought to life. I love seeing a movie, a show, or a play. It's an escape for me. It's all make-believe but it's art! There's nothing better than seeing magic-- someone's creativity and imagination brought to life right in front of you. Like someone created that! Art lures me in. It calls to me, it has a hold on me. Just like writing. That's why I love going to the movies, or seeing a show or a play. In that moment, I can dream. I can escape. I can get lost in someone else's creativity. It inspires me. It makes me happy. And that's what I want to do-- create art and bring my dreams to life. Create magic-- create something beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Love always,
LaTasha B.

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