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Saturday, December 3, 2011

D-Xirably Close to the End! Part 2

So, this is the end of my last week of "actual classes" at RockU.

Nerve-racking. My last day of class for Race, Religion, and Ethnicity and Shakespeare. I had papers due in both classes and needless to say they weren't easy to do with my senioritis but they got done. My group also did the student-led discussion for Race, Religion, and Ethnicity class. It went just as I expected it go. I had to do my presentation in Shakespeare class. I did Phebe's monologue in As You Like It.

The best part of that day, came after both of those classes. I met up with my babe Meghan P. and we went to Winstead's to get drinks. I got a Cherry-Limeade. Then we went to Loose Park, we talked, and had a great time! It was so relaxing! Most of my worries are over with.

Meghan P. posing with the tree at Loose Park!

Meghan P. sitting on the tree at Loose Park!

Me chilling on the tree at Loose Park!

Me playing in the leaves at Loose Park!

I went to my last class EVER! It was American Lit. Dr. Arthur gave us donuts to eat, yum! Students with perfect attendance, like myself, got CD's with Christmas songs on them as a reward for coming to class. That was nice. Then my soror mom Lauren, Liz S., and I all discussed our plans for break. It was the best class to end it all!

Then I had lunch with my beautiful wifey, Shelbi J.! We talked and had a great time. Told her that one of the best things about going to RockU is that I got to meet her! She's so sweet and wonderful!

My beautiful wifey, Shelbi J., and I at RockU!

My beautiful wifey, Shelbi J., and I again at RockU!

To do list before completing my undergraduate studies:
Sorority Christmas Party
American Lit. Final: A paper
Race, Religion, and Ethnicity Final: A take home final - 3 essays, max. 2 pgs. each
Shakespeare Final: My only actual in class final, exam

So, I have 3 finals left and one day left of undergraduate studies. But don't worry, I will still be around RockU next semester. I still have some commitments left to complete.

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"


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