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Saturday, December 20, 2014

D-Xirably Memories! Precious Time Spent with My Loved Ones!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

Since it's the Holidays, I often think about all of my family and friends during this time of the year. So, while I'm reminiscing of good times with some of the best people in the world! I'm posting some of my fondest memories of my favorite people! Forgive me if the memory is not 100% accurate, though. LOL!

Some of my fondest memories:

Toni Tot: You're my little sister. My blood sister. We have tons of great memories together! More than I can count. My fondest memory of you is not even a memory though. It's that tattoo of my name that you have on your shoulders! It constantly reminds me of how much you love me. Whenever I see it, I smile. It always reminds me that I am loved. And though I don't have a tattoo of your name, I always love you and keep you in my heart! You're my little sister and I would do anything for you! But if I had to pick a memory, it would be when were younger and we got kicked off the bus because I scratched some boy for teasing you. Hey! That's what big sisters are for! ;) LOL! Also, there's the time when you had a really bad night and I just held you close while you cried. I asked if you wanted me to lay with you as you went to sleep and you said yes. So, we ended up falling asleep next to each other.

My beautiful little sister, Nico, and I!

My little sister's pretty tattoo of my name!

My beautiful little sister, Nico, and I!

Karissa: We have many, many memories together. So many! And we always had the best and funnest times together! There are two of them that I often think about. The ones during the Wizard of Oz production because it's when we first met and we were so inseparable. You were like the coolest girl ever and it was so much fun just being around you. And then there's the Karaoke memories together. You would sing Lily Allen's "Smile" and I would sing Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocketful of Sunshine". It was so much fun!

Me and my beautiful little sister, Karissa/Kali!
Me and my beautiful little sister, Karissa/Kali!

Shaunte: You are my big sister! I can talk to you about anything! And even with you being in Florida we are still as close as ever! I never once doubt your friendship because we talk often and when you come home, you always make an effort to come see me. You're one of the most loyal friends that I have. Been family since middle school! My fondest memory would have to be your birthday when you, Reja, and I all hung out. It was then that my two bestest friends in the world got to meet each other. But it's also the night that we met some very interesting and lively people! Lol! Another one would be the one of us just walking around Loose Park talking. We talked about everything. From life, school, boys, etc.

My beautiful big sister, Te, and I!

Brittanye: My other big sister. My fondest memory together would have to be hanging with you and the girls for Ashley's birthday. We had so much fun that night! Just dancing and having a good old time. One of the best girl's night ever! We had too much fun! We will have to do again sometime soon! I also enjoyed going on that photo shoot with you. We took some super cute pictures together and had a great time!

Maggie: My Gemini Soul Sister! ;) You have one of the biggest and kindest hearts, love! You were always a joy to be around! Sunshine, that's what you are! We have so many good memories at RU! And any memory with you, are some of my faves! One is the Beast haunted house with, you, me, Reja, and the super sweet Josephine! We had such an awesome time! I think we even got lost during it. LOL! But it was so much fun! The another one that comes to mind is when I took a sequence shot of you dancing and laughing. You were having so much fun! It was just so precious and adorable! Just a bundle of joy you are, truly!

My beautiful sunshine, Maggie, and I!

My sweet and beautiful friends, Josephine and Maggie, and I!

Rachael and Tabitha: We literally grew up together since we were babies! That's a long time but I love it! We still talk today! We've had tons of great memories together! Tons! From skating, to cheer-leading, to bowling, to concerts, World's of Fun, etc. My favorite memory would have to be the 4th of July though at Rachael's house. It was tons of fun! A really good time! Popping fireworks, eating, hanging out, etc. Also, another one (with Rachael) was hanging with you and Reja's for y'all senior's prom. We went to Gojo's, rode in a limo, had a great time, etc. It was really nice! And I was the baby of the group, too!

My beautiful long time friend, Tabitha, and I!

Junior Prom with my beautiful big sis, Ja, and my beautiful long time friend, Rachael!

Meghan: Although we haven't spoken in a while, I still think of you often. We always had such a fun time together. And you're one of the friends that I met in college that I still managed to hang out with even after it was over. We have a lot of good memories together, on campus and off. It's so hard to pick a fave. From that night in your car when I got "sick" and you were so kind and sweet about it, to Plays in Progress, and then when we met up again not too long ago to paint together. So many great memories with you. I think the first one is my fave though because you were so sweet about it.

My beautiful friend, Meghan, and I!

Tammy: We haven't spoken in a while either but you were one of my close friends in high school. We used to hang out all of the time. I think my fondest memory of you was when we ended up doing UMKC Summer Scholars together, though. It was a ton of fun and we met some more awesome people there! But I also have this really cute pic of us in class together that I adore. We were both laughing and having a good time. Such good memories!

Donna Pacheco: A lovely lady who got to watch me grow up. I think my fondest memory of you is after I had graduated college and my mom and I went to tell you about it. You were so happy and so proud of me. It was so sweet and so kind. You gave me one of the biggest and best hugs ever! You are always so kind and so sweet to me!

Mishayla: You are always so sweet and so kind to me, love! You did the kindest and sweetest things whenever I hung out with you and Shaunte. One memory with you that I think of often is when you, Shaunte, Juanita, and I went out to eat. Juanita and Shaunte was heading out of the restaurant but you kindly waited on me before leaving because you didn't want to leave me behind. Then, there's the time that Reja and I went to Mizzou for Shaunte's homecoming. You cooked breakfast for the both of us while we all just hung out and talked about the night before. You were such a good hostess. But I really remember you because you always did the smallest things that people don't really think of doing anymore. I just wanted you to know that I noticed it and that it does matter.

My beautiful friend, Mishayla, and my beautiful big sis, Te!

Britney and Brittany: Of course, my favorite memory with the both of you would have to be prom. I think it was more funnier than it was fun. If I remember correctly, the car stalled or broke down right? That was a ton of laughs. And was it raining that day? Although I can't remember the exact details, I do remember that it was a very memorable senior prom.

Senior Prom with my beautiful friends Sydney, Britney, and Brittany!

Senior Prom with my beautiful friends Britney, Sydney, and Brittany!

Stephanie: You are such a cutie pie and a sweetie pie, love! I adore both you and Karissa! You two are so close, sisters! And I like to think of you both as my little sisters because of that. I can't think of a favorite memory at the moment, unfortunately. All I can think of is how cute and adorable you were in the "Wizard of Oz" production and how sweet you always are!

Paloma: Another friendship that lasted after college. Me, you, and Reja have tons of memories together! But I guess that was bound to happen since you and Reja were roomies. So many fun nights both on and off campus! We had a fun time at Cold Stone's and took some super cute pics together! Also, there's the time when we all hung out around Christmas time. I think it was last year. We went to the Plaza and we all just hung out and had a great time. It was so much fun. You were/are kind of like the mom when it came to me and Reja. You were just always looking out for us and made sure that we were alright.

Mi bonita chica, Paloma, and I!

My beautiful little sister, Nico, mi bonita chica Paloma, and I!

Shelbi: You were always a sweetheart! I just adored you! We had too much fun together. I do enjoy having you in my first directorial debut, that was really nice. But I think my fondest memory with you is spending Valentine's Day with you on campus. It was after I graduated and it was really nice being back on campus and spending time with a sweet friend!

My beautiful friend, Shelbi, and I

Estefania and Elizabeth: Although I didn't actually hang out with you both on a one-on-one basis, except for Spanish tutoring I think, I do remember seeing the both of you around campus all of the time. You both were always so sweet and so kind. Just the sweetest girls ever! And whenever I saw either of you, you both just gave me the nicest hugs and we would stop and talk for a minute. It's nice that I still hear from the both of you every now and then even after college.

Patsy: So beautiful, so kind. We met at UMKC Summer Scholars. You were the quiet, kind, and pretty one of the group. Very mature even though you were/are younger than me. I'm so glad we met. I'm looking forward to hanging with you again soon and I'm glad that we got reconnected again. I think my foundesy memory with you is when we met up two years after UMKC Summer Scholars. It was really nice because we hadn't seen eachother in so long but we had such a great and fun time together. We just hung out at UMKC, eating and talking. Oh, and taking pics too! It was really nice!

Me and my beautiful friend, Patsy!

Reja: She's my twiny and one of my bestest friends/big sis in the world! We have tons of great memories together and will continue to have them! Too many good memories to pick a fave though. There's Orlando, Florida! Hanging out at the beach, running around Universal Studios, and having a great time! My first vacay that wasn't with my family. There's New Year's with the Godfamily that was so crazy! We were all over the place! So much fun! There's St. Louis with the Godfamily and she had just turned 21. We hung out at the pool of the Harris casino hotel and took pics around the hotel that we were staying out, acting silly. From the time that I got "sick" and she just looked out for me, being the wonderful nurse that she is. From the times that I broke down and cried and she just hugged me and said everything will be alright. But my fave would be the night when I got really upset about the terrible night out that we had and I didn't say a word to anyone, not even her, because I didn't want to say something that I would regret. I remember waking up the next morning to a cute little text where she said she was sorry that I had such a bad time and that she didn't understand why I wouldn't talk to her but that she still loved me anyway. I remember texting her back this really sweet message saying that I was sorry for shutting down on her and that I loved her too. That's how I knew/know that we would always be friends because she was still my friend even after I had shut her out.

My beautiful big sister, Ja, my beautiful little sister, Nico, and I!

My mom: My mom raised my little sister and I all on her own. She's the kindest and sweetest person that I know. Even more kinder and sweeter than me! ;) She will talk to anyone too. I'm more picky with the people that I talk to but she isn't. If you speak to her, she will more than likely speak back to you and keep a conversation with you. That's how kind she is, even to strangers! My fondest memory of my mom (so far) is when I wrote her this super cute and sweet letter. Normally, she would just say thanks, give me a hug, and tell me that she loves me. But there was this one time where she actually wrote me a letter back. It was a couple pages long too! It was so sweet and so kind! It was an actual response letter to what I had written to her and it expressed her feelings of not only me but of my little sister too. I still have that letter to this day and I will always keep it and treasure it. My mom shows her love to my sister and I every day but this was the one time where she actually wrote it down.

Me and my beautiful and amazing mother!

My Godma: My fondest memory of my Godma is when she took me in and treated me like her daughter. She didn't ask much from me either. Just to do what I can. She welcomed me with open arms. Her heart is so big and so beautiful! She's so full of love and kindness! I'm truly blessed to have her in my life and she will always be "My Fairy Godmother"!

My beautiful and amazing, Godma, and I!

My beautiful and amazing, Godma and big sis Ja!
Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Have you all have a wonderful and blessed Holiday season! :)

With love,
LaTasha B.


  1. LaTasha you are soooooo sweet! Everyone is lucky to be around you my dear!

  2. You are such as a sweetie!!! Merry Xmas my dear!


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