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Sunday, February 1, 2015

D-Xirable Friend Recommendation! Mixed Media Artist, Martice Smith II!

Hello my wonderful and amazing loves!

This blog post will be about my cousin, Martice Smith II. 
She is an incredible and beautiful woman, and an amazing mixed media artist and designer!
I love how vibrant, colorful, and detailed her illustrations are! 
I also love the beautiful women depicted in her illustrations!

My beautiful cousin and mixed media artist, Martice Smith II!

"I am a Freelance Illustrator & Designer. I love to create authentic, urban and chic drawings and paintings, infusing them with mixed-media, fashion, and typography. Most of my work is a balanced mix of traditional with digital media."
~Martice Smith II

Her amazing and fantastic "From Roots to Glory" illustration!

Here are some of my favorite pics and illustrations by her:

Beautiful paper stencil art!

Her amazing "Love Surrounds You!" illustration!

Beautiful butterfly illustration!

"As a mixed-media illustrator & designer, I use a range of media but watercolor and pen and ink allow me to see the work build up in several layers, describing a constant evolution of my ideas and refinement. I begin my process with loose, thumbnail sketches to record my ideas. Next, I'll completely rework the sketches to develop a dynamic interaction between drawing and viewer. Finally, additional colors, textures or photographs are digitally added."
~Martice Smith II

Gorgeous pic of my cousin, Martice Smith II!

Her gorgeous "City of Harmony" illustration!

Her really pretty and beautiful "hearts + LOVE" illustration!

Beautiful paper stencil art!

Her lovely "Iris and Palm Leaf" illustration!

Her stunning "Keys to Your Own Success" illustration!

Her "Thank You" illustration collage!

Another gorgeous illustration!

Her beautiful art card!

"Universe Dream Catchers"

"My current focus is to express the power and beauty of femininity through fashion illustration.
The women I draw are culminations of my family members, friends, and characters that I've created.
They do not represent an individual but rather a combination of attitudes and personalities, with a look back on the late 1960s and early 1970s."
~Martice Smith II

Her beautiful and amazing "No Compromise" illustration! 

Her stunning and pretty "Soar" illustration!

Her beautiful "Fantasia" illustration!

Her gorgeous "Masquerade" illustration!

Her stunning and colorful "StarStruck" illustration!

Her beautiful and gorgeous "Dancing Spirits of Unity" illustration!

Her beautiful "Whimsical Bookmarks"!

Hope you enjoyed the illustrations, pics, and post about my beautiful cousin and mixed media artist, 
Martice Smith II!

Check out her blog and website to see more about her: 

Check out her Google+ page to see more about her: 
Google+ Profile: google.com/+MarticeSmithII

Love always,
LaTasha B.

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