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Sunday, June 25, 2017

My D-Xirable Weekend! My Little Sis, Nico and Derron Baby Shower!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

Also, this weekend was my little sis, Nico and Derron's baby shower! It was on Saturday at 1:00 PM-3:30 PM. It went really well! I'm so thankful for everyone that helped put this baby shower together! My aunt Christina helped arrange the decorations, my Godfamily helped with setting up decorations and the games, my sister's best friend mother helped with getting the venue (Raytown Wellness Center), and with great teamwork it was a huge success! I was so happy to see my family! I was happy to have my Godfamily there, my auntie Christina, my cousins Dee Dee and Neraie, but I was really happy to see my auntie Tammy, and my cousins Dawneshia and Donnell! I hope I spelled y'all names right. Love y'all! I haven't seen my cousins Dawneshia and Donnell in so long! That was a pleasant surprise! It was also nice to see Nico's friends and Derron's family! Also, their chef friend did really good with the cake and food! Kudos to him!

My beautiful little sis, Nico with baby Maliih! She's gotten bigger since I last saw her! :)

My little sis Nico and Derron's table! Also, the table to autograph the football and baseball!

The gift table!

My beautiful twiny, Ja helping set up!

My beautiful auntie Christina getting everything set up! Also, my pregnant little sis! 

My Godma, my mom, my little cousin, and my twiny/bestie, Ja!

The awesome cake! Doesn't it look cool?!

My little sis and her tattoo of my name! I LOVE that tattoo! :)

The happy couple! My little sis, Nico and Derron! I LOVE them both! I'm so happy for them!

The gift table as more gifts came in! This baby boy is so blessed!

My little sis Nico's friends at the baby shower!

My beautiful Godma and beautiful aunt Cindy explaining the "Diaper Game" to friends!

My family! My auntie Tammy, my cousin Dawneshia, my cousin Dee Dee, and my little cousins!

My mom, little sis, Nico, my cousins Neraie, Dee Dee, Dawneshia, with my little cousins, and my aunt Tammy!

Some of their friends!


My family! My aunt Christina, my cousin Kathy, and my twiny/bestie, Ja!

My family! My mom, my little sis, Nico, my brother Derron, and little D.J.! Love them all so much!

Me with my little sis, Nico, my brother Derron, and little D.J.!

My little sis and brother! LOVE them!

Love them so much!

My cousins Dee Dee and Neraie! Love them so much!

Wow! I haven't seen them in so long! My cousins Dawneshia and Donnell with my aunt Tammy!

My family! I'm so glad that they came!

Love them all so much!

Love them! My cousins!

My cousin Kathy! Love her!

My little sis, Nico, with her gifts!

My little sis, Nico, and my brother Derron with the gifts! 

My cousin Donnell and his cute baby girl with my little sis Nico and baby Maliih!

My little sis, Nico and cousin Dawneshia!

My cousin Donnell and I!

My little sis, Nico, and her pregnant best friend Eisha!

I'm so glad that my little sis and brother's baby shower went well! Thank you to everyone that came! And thank you to everyone that helped! 

After the baby shower I got the chance to hang out with my beautiful/gorgeous friend, Modesty, from college! I hadn't seen her in so long! We went to Sankofa's Cafe with her friend and we saw a reggae concert. It was nice but it started WAY too late! I was tired before the concert was over. It didn't start until 11:30 PM! The Jamaican food was cool too.

My beautiful/gorgeous friend, Modesty and I!

Jamaican food!

A Blue Jamaica and a Rumberry!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!

With love,
LaTasha B.

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