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Friday, July 7, 2017

D-Xirably Good Times! First Fridays at the Crossroads Art Districts with Marcos and Dillon!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

Today, my friend Marcos met me at my job after work and we took the streetcar to the Crossroads Arts District. It was so nice seeing him sitting on the bench when I got off work. He didn't have to meet me after work but he did. It was my first time riding the streetcar. It was nice. Too bad we only rode it for a few minutes. It reminded me of the Metrolink in St. Louis or the shuttles at the airport. After the streetcar, we walked to meet his fiance, Dillon. We all stopped at Grinders Pizza at the Crossroads so that Dillon could get himself some pizza to eat. Their slices of pizza are big by the way. Then, we all walked to the van so that I could drop my work stuff off. We went to their friend, Amy's, showcasing at the Clubhouse. She's a welder. I liked her welded flowers! They were pretty! She had big ones and small ones. She's also a photographer. I like her photo of a KC waterfall and a couple others. After we viewed Amy's and some of the other artists at the Clubhouse work, we walked around an enjoyed all of the art in the area! So many artists and designers! I just LOVE seeing so much creativity in one area. For example, the murals/paintings on the wall outside of the Clubhouse, the black light art by Thomas (http://rumin8.bigcartel.com/), the painter doing portraits, the spray paint artists spray painting on the sidewalk, the barber playing amazing music while he cut some hair, the beautiful jewelry, etc. It was all SO inspiring! So many artists with amazing talent! I wanted to learn something from all of them!

Me and Marcos in front of the Courthouse!

Marcos on the streetcar!

The small welded flowers by Amy!

The big welded flowers by Amy!

Dillon, Marcos, their friend, Amy, and others!

Some photographs taken by Amy!

Big welded flowers and this bicycle book holder was cute too!
Beautiful paintings! Very colorful!
Picture of an artist and his artwork!

Pics of amazing mural/graffiti artwork:

Me and Mario! We're just missing Luigi! (picture taken by Marcos)

Homer Simpson!
Me with the foxes! (picture taken by Dillon)

I just had to get a pic with this one!

Pink Panther!

Love this colors with this one! Cool skull!

Awesome KC Chiefs artwork!

Beautiful KC Royals artwork!

Me with the KC Royals girl!

Me with this cool skull!

I See the World!

I LOVE this piano! So awesome! I LOVE art on a piano!

It was the words on this piece that I liked.

So beautiful! Love this! Available at http://rumin8.bigcartel.com/!

I LOVE this one too!

He did a great job with his portrait!

Beautiful waterfall!

I just LOVE these bracelets! They are SO beautiful! I wanted one so bad! LOL!

Me at this unique shop! I just LOVE pink and green! My twiny's and I favorite colors!

I LOVE this! Hate has NO home here!


I LOVE butterflies!

Some interesting art!

AHHH!!! It's a snake! LOL!

Marilyn Monroe! I just LOVE her!

I REALLY LOVE this dreamcatcher one!

Me, Marcos, and Dillon!

Dillon, Marcos, and I!

Such amazing guys! Dillon and Marcos!

Downtown KC! Isn't it beautiful!?

Hope you enjoyed the pics and post! Thank you to Marcos and Dillon for inviting me!

Love always,
LaTasha B.

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