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Sunday, July 2, 2017

D-Xirably Good Times! Hanging with Marcos and Dillon!

Hello, my wonderful and amazing loves!

"A fabulous friendship multiples the good in life!" ~ Unknown

Yesterday, my awesome friend, Marcos, called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out to Coach's Bar and Grill with him and his fiance, Dillon. Why, of course! I LOVE hanging out with them! They are so awesome and amazing! Some of the best guys that I know! They are such a blast! We ate a Coach's and had a couple drinks. Marcos and I shared their SUPER delicious buffalo dip! It was SO good! I also got their Coach's chicken. The night was filled with fun, joy, and laughter! I LOVE these two!

Me, Marcos, and Dillon!

Our drinks!


Yummy! Their Blue Wave Lemonade was SO delicious!



Me and Marcos! I'm so glad that we met and became good friends! He's amazing!

I can't wait until we hang out again! Hope you enjoyed the pics and post!

With love,
LaTasha B.

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