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Friday, October 7, 2011

A D-Xirable Directorial Debut and A D-Xirable Cast and Crew!

So, this week is the week of my sorority mom Lauren's and I directorial debut! I'm so excited and nervous about it! Opening night went well for both of us and so I'm happy about that.

I decided that since I TOTALLY LOVE MY CAST AND CREW, I gave them all thank you cards and my cast some candy for opening night. We all worked really hard on this show and they have been so good and patient with me. I had to thank them for all of their hard work!

We had Tech Week this past Monday-Wednesday and they all went really well. My cast was off-book and they had their parts down and the tech crew quickly learned light and sound cues. I couldn't have asked for a more D-Xirable cast and crew! :)

My D-Xirable Cast:
Soldier - Brian T.
Caitlyn - Hannah A.
Harris and D.I. - Tommy A.
Gruss - Danny G.
Tom - Adam D.
Cathy and Stephanie - Shelbi J.
Lieutenant and Molly - Devon W.
Caitlyn's Mother - Amanda H.
Corporal - Kily N.
Professor - Laura W.
Sister Anne and Soldier's Mother - Samantha R.
Abby - Kayla F.
Mark - Matthew N.

Thanks to my entire cast for all of their hard work, help, support, and love!

My D-Xirable Crew:
Grace C.
Sarah B.
Lauren H.

Thank you ladies for being there when I needed someone to talk to! And thanks sorority mom Lauren H. and Grace for letting me crash in your THV.

Aaron B.
Mitchell K.
Riley C.
Susan P.
Paula P.

Thank you for all of your hard work, help, and advice! :)

Random pictures I took during Tech!

Laura (Professor) and Amanda (Caitlyn's mom)

Shelbi (Cathy) and Sam (Sister Anne)

Kily (Corporal), Me, and Tommy (Harris/D.I.)

Sneak Peek Pictures of my show courtesy of my AMAZING sorority mom Lauren H.!
Thanks so much sorority mom!

Tommy (Harris) and Brian (Soldier)

Tommy (Harris), Danny (Gruss), and Brian (Soldier)

Adam (Tom), Brian (Soldier), and Shelbi (Cathy)

Brian (Soldier) and Tommy (D.I.)

Kily (Corporal) and Brian (Soldier)

Kily (Corporal), Brian (Soldier), and Laura (Professor)

Sam (Sister Anne) and Brian (Soldier)

Devon (Molly), Brian (Soldier), and Kayla (Abby)

Matthew (Mark) and Shelbi (Stephanie)

Danny (Gruss), Devon (Lieutenant), and Brian (Soldier)

Devon (Lieutenant) and Brian (Soldier)

A picture of my PIC Grace's memory foam Hello Kitty bed that I crashed on during Tech Week.
It was so comfortable! Thanks Grace!

We have a performance tonight at 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 2pm if you want to see more! More pics to come soon!

LaTasha Bunting aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

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