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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My D-Xirably Active Weekend at RockU!

So, my weekend wasn't as wonderful as I hoped it would be but it was nice.

I woke up at 7:30am and then headed to school for my Amer. Lit. class. We watched the movie Howl in class. At least we watched the trial parts. It seems like a really good movie from the pieces that we watched of it. Maybe one day I will find the time to watch all of it, maybe... I finally decided to participate in the class. I was so nervous too. The best way to get me to participate in class is to simply call on me.

After class, I had my play rehearsals until 3:30pm. The rehearsals went really well and during my gap I had to help pick out costumes for my show. Also, at 12:15pm I got tix to RockU's homecoming for me and Ja. I sat in the fishbowl when Sarah B. came in and pulled my hair to get my attention. I LOVE how close Sarah B. and I have gotten this year! It's so wonderful! If there's one benefit from being a director and spending so much time around the theater, it's how close I've gotten to her and even to Grace C. My tree stump is looking better which I am really happy about and I just love the uniforms for my show! They are awesome! The set looks amazing, I am really happy about it. Everyone came to rehearsals today, that makes me a very happy director and they are off-book too! Yay!

After my rehearsals, I met up with Meghan P. and we had lunch together. This is our second lunch together on a Friday at the Pub at RockU. The food on RU isn't that cheap either but I like having lunch with her and this will be her second time eating at the Pub on RU. The first time she ate at the Pub was with me as well. I LOVE having lunch with her. We just talk and catch each other up on what's going on in our lives. And we had girl talk! :) 4:30 we finished eating.

Meghan P. and I after having lunch together!

I got home at 6pm. That's when I called Ja and told her that I have our homecoming tix. I was suppose to hang out with another sister from high school, Brittanye R., that night but it didn't happen. She never called me so I finally got to sleep early this week.

I woke up at 4am and stayed up until 9am. Then, I woke up at 12pm and headed to school. Yes, I go to school on the weekends! LOL! It have a full run-thru of my play today and tomorrow actually. On my way to school I helped this guy find the radio on his phone. He really appreciated it. You have to love people that appreciate the little things, I know that I do! :)

I get on campus at 1:15pm. My full run-thru isn't until 2pm so I hung around at the library for a while. I had my cast get dressed into their costumes today because I need to see who has costumes and who doesn't. It was a last minute decision. My cast wasn't really prepared for it but they did it anyways. I have to love them for that! I start my full run-thru at 2:42pm when everyone gets dressed. Two members of my cast are excused from it but I have another one missing... The transitions were a lot better the second time around which made me very happy. I kind of love my cast right now. They are off-book and performing really well. I'm amazed by them and I tell them that. At 3:40pm we are done.

Anyways I get ready for RockU's homecoming tonight. I am going to wear my new red dress and Ja is going to wear a black and red dress. We didn't plan it actually, I just called her and asked her what dress she was wearing and we just so happen to choose the same color. I'm not going to lie, that happens a lot. I think it's twin telepathy except we are not twins. Unless, you take into consideration our zodiac sign, Gemini "The Twins" and even then I have some Taurus in me as well. (My birthday is right on the cusp assuming that you follow astrology)

Ja and her dad comes to pick me up at 6:50pm. He takes a pic of us together before we leave for the dance.

Ja and I before the Homecoming dance!

Me before the Homecoming dance on RU campus!

Here are some pictures from the dance:

Paulina C. and I at the dance!

Patrick and I at the dance!

My sorority sister, Sarah D., and I at the dance!

Jazmine F. and Ja at the dance!

Ja, Carolyn A., and I at the dance!

Ja, Mitchell K., and I at the dance!

Ja, Erica P., and I at the dance!

We ended up leaving the dance at like 10pm, we got there at 8pm. We went to Fran's and to AMC for the night since we're in the P&L District. We got food at Fran's to go so that we could make it on time to see Abduction with the HOTT Taylor Lautner in it. The movie wasn't as good as we hoped it would be. Ja paid $30 for it because we had to see it V.I.P. in the cinema suites. Seriously, it was only showing in there. The suites were really nice though so that wasn't a waste of money. The lady wouldn't let us eat our food either because it was from the outside. Apparently they serve food in the cinema suites there, Ja and I didn't know that.

Ja and I at Fran's before we left to see Abduction!

The movie didn't end until 12:45pm. We didn't think that the movie would be that long but it was. We didn't get to Ja's dad house until 2am! We ate when we got there and then crashed. It was a long night. I don't mind long weekend nights, in fact I love them.

At 2:40pm I left home (After bathing and getting dress of course!) and headed for the school. I have a full run-thru from 4-6pm today. So, I'm missing 5 (including the one that just dropped today) people for my full run-thru. On top of that, one cast member decides to quit on me at the last minute and we have 4 days until the show opens! Devon steps in and says that she will do the part which makes me really happy. I'm glad that she will do it for me. It's nice to know that your cast will back you up. I end the full run-thru early at 5pm today. There are way too many people gone today and so it's pointless to make my cast stay any longer. Plus, I really need to talk to Susan about the situation. I call her as soon as I get to my sorority sisters' THV.

Before chapter, Grace C. (my PIC and sorority sister) takes us (Me, Lauren H., and Monica W. - some of my sorority sisters) to McDonald's on Main to eat at 5:55pm. I was SO hungry which added to my anger so it was really nice that Grace C. took us out to eat. We don't leave until 6:45pm. Eating with them was SO wonderful and perfect. It gave me time to laugh and to enjoy their company. It was really nice.

My sorority mom, Lauren H., and I in the car on the way to McDonald's!

My sorority sis, Monica W., and my sorority mom, Lauren H. at McDonald's!

My PIC (partner-in-crime) and sorority sis, Grace C., and I at McDonald's!

We go back to their THV and I finally talk to Susan at 7:30pm. She gives me some advice which is nice. She doesn't tell me much but she tells me that it will get better. I surely do hope so! We leave for chapter at 7:50pm and it's another short one which I'm eternally grateful for. It ends at 8:12pm. My sorority mother Lauren H. suggests that we give Carma R. (our sorority sister) a sympathy card and some flower since her family are taking her grandmother off of the ventilator soon and we want to send our love.

At 9pm I get home and shortly after my little sister Nico comes home and shows her face! I LOVE it when my little sister comes home for a little while. I really do miss her at home. She stays with one of her friends so we don't get to see her much. How I love my little sister! :) I made her give me a hug! LOL!
Well, that's all I have to say about my weekend.

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

By the way, check out the plays this week! Oct. 6-9!
Oct. 6 and 7 at 8pm and Oct. 8 and 9 at 2pm!
Free for RU students, $3 for other students, and $8 for adults!

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