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Friday, October 21, 2011

D-Xirably FALLing into Laughter!

So this week was a busy one but what's new? LOL!

  • One: The weather has been very cold. It seems like Mother Nature skipped Fall and went straight to Winter. Not really since there wasn't any snow on the ground but it was chilly this week.
My sorority sis, Sarah D., and my sorority mom, Lauren H., keeping warm in a D-Xirable blanket during Caramel and Candied Apple sales!
  • Two: My sorority, DXP, had Caramel and Candied Apple Sales this week. It went well. Thanks for all of those that supported DXP with the Caramel and Candied Apple Sales! We appreciate it! 
DXP Caramel and Candied Apple Sale sign!

Sorority sis, Sarah D., and sorority mom, Lauren H. during Caramel and Candied Apple Sales!

My sorority mom, Lauren, and I during Caramel and Candied Apple Sales! Mother and daughter pic!
  • Three: I started my job as Assistant Director for the musical, Gone Missing. Susan has been really great in allowing me to contribute my thoughts and opinions so far and I really enjoy working with Tom. He's so funny! Also, it was so entertaining and fun watching the cast work on choreography with Chris on Tuesday.
All sneak peek photos of Gone Missing rehearsal are courtesy of my PIC Grace C.:

Anna H. and Chris working on choreography!

Quentin S. and Chris working on choreography!

Most of Gone Missing cast working on choreography and Susan!

My PIC and Gone Missing stage manager, Grace C.!
  • Four: I participated in a Focus Group for the Communications Dept. It was really cool! I enjoyed giving my thoughts and opinions. Also, I got to hang out with Mariah B. for a little while. It was nice because we hadn't seen each other that much this semester.
  • Five: Mariah B. and I, along with the Musical Cast and other Focus Group participants, went to the Fine Arts Dept. meet and greet. It was nice. I got to enjoy some yummy pizza while talking and laughing with Mariah B.!
  • Six: I turned in my Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society) application and I turned in my Individual Service Project (Computer Skills Tutoring) hours into the Service Center.
  • Seven: I GOT TO LAUGH! I watched Horrible Bosses at my DXP mom and sisters THV. It was so funny! I enjoyed the movie! And today, my sorority mom Lauren and I had the pleasure of watching our sorority sister Monica W. fall out of a hammock while attempting to get into it. LOL! It was so funny! I love you Monica! :) 
My sorority mom, Lauren H., plotting on our sorority sis, Monica W.!
Well, that was my busy week!

LaTasha B. aka "The girl that always wear high heels"

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